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  1. I recommend to get more of the Alex Rider series because it is very good. It is about a 14 year old boy who gets recruited by MI6 (a British spy force) and he has to overcome lots of obstacles.

  2. A book I recommend to get is called The Inventors Secret and it is about 2 twins whose grandfather invented a truly spectacular school because you can watch history instead of reading it and you can learn about animals by becoming one through an avatar. The twins have to solve the mystery of who kidnapped their grandfather and parents before it is too late and they die.

  3. I love reading and my favourite series of books is Harry Potter. I think that those books are good for year 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s. My favourite book from the series is Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, partly because i’m only allowed to read the first two books because i am only seven and in year 1. When i have nothing to do, i read books. It’s my hobby, and I am usally seen around the house with a book

  4. Hello world,
    I really enjoyed John Heffernan’s visit. I learnt a lot during all three sessions we had with him. During the workshop, he put a strange picture on the screen that we had to write about. Here is a paragraph of my writing:
    The cruel waves dance around me, and I struggle to keep my head above the water. I can feel the pull of the current, whispering for me to let go. Thundering clouds flash above me, and the icy wind swirls around. The water is so cold that my limbs have become numb, paralysed by the water. I realise that I will eventually have to let go… nobody is coming for me. Endless waves surround me, not a single vessel in sight. An eerie calm washes over me, and I stop struggling. I take a last gulp of air and I am pulled under the waves. I am greeted with a surge of cold water, and in seconds I am sinking like a stone.
    Overall, I really liked John Heffernan’s visit, and I am happy with what I learnt. Thanks for reading.
    -E.D, 6JL

  5. A kelpie called….
    The dog was staring straight at me. I wasn’t sure what it wanted. Did it want food or did the dog want to live with me? Should I go closer to the dog or should I back off? I moved closer. The dog started to wiggle…then suddenly it jumped up and started to sing a Justin Bieber song. “Baby, baby, baby oh”. I started to cover my ears; this was the worst song I have ever heard.” Stop singing” I said to the dog. Suddenly the dog went silent. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just met a singing dog. Is this dog real or is it a robotic dog? “Say something,” I said to the dog. The dog went silent. I tried and tried again but nothing happened. I started to walk away when suddenly I heard the dog say something. I was so excited I walked back to it. If I can prove that the dog is real then I will be a trillionaire!!!

  6. Thorac is talking to you!
    “Hello you little guy. My name is Thorac. I can do things better than you. I believe you are dead today. Get ready for the end of your life. I can do everything in the world. I never give up at being boss. Also I am smart as computer. I’m going to fake everybody and I am going to be scientist and I’m going to do bad things and I’m going to make people kill by people like making wars. My body is made from metal and my brain is made from computer. If you want to kill me, you need to get everybody in the world. But I am not going to show you my new self.

  7. The dog stared straight at me. At first, I didn’t know what to do. I walked left and right and the kelpie didn’t follow my movements. I suddenly realised that the kelpie was whining at its last owner dead near a huge tree. I patted my thighs and the kelpie turned its head at me. I panicked. I started to walk slowly away from the dog but it was like the dog had super hearing. I gave the dog some food from my bag. And as it started eating it, I hid behind a large bin. I then saw smoke near a house, my house and my sister was in it! I sprinted in front of my front door wanting to just find water so I could get inside the door. Then, the dog ran through the door dodging every single falling plank. It heard the cries of my sister “HELP, HELP!” she grabbed the kelpie by the tail and it ran back to the door carrying my sister with it. I suddenly realised that the dog was now MY dog.

  8. Blip Blob is a general with 4 eyes a scar on the top left and the bottom left. He would have a loud voice because while in Blob war 1 there was a bombing and Blip Blob was too close to the bomb and the bomb exploded so loud it damaged his ear that’s why he screams (and maybe that’s why people are scared of him) and he got his scar from the war from a Saber-70. Every day he wishes he can be with his wife Bertha Blob, (he can never see his wife because he is away in the war) but he still has his friend Anker Slime, he would all ways be beside Blip and always protect him.

  9. I knew at once by the look in her eyes that she was going to do something she would regret the rest of her life. I was scared and nervous at the same time.

    Maybe I thought what she was going to do was not what she was going to do. Off she went running, running as fast as she could without looking back and not knowing if someone was following her. I thought to myself, should I go after her? If I don’t, who knows what she could do.

    • Hello fellow bloggers,
      I’ve really enjoyed library this year, we have done lots of fun things.
      Today we will be talking about the book flight. I think this text relates to boy overboard because he needs to leave his country and the book flight says he has to flee.
      This happens to refugees around the world and to people that are poor.
      Thank you for reading my comment hope you enjoyed it
      From GD and LG

  10. Dear readers,

    We have been reading the early childhood story books.
    Our favourite book was ” Go to sleep Jessie” because it was really cute how Jessie’s older sister slept with her after all the tantrooms.
    It was also our favourite because the illustrator put lots of colour in the pictures and the author made a wonduful story.

    From TF and SB

  11. Dear readers
    I have just finished reading all the short listed books and my favourite book is A house of her own because at the end of the story the girl kept on making up silly excuses just because she was scared to live all by herself.

  12. Book series: The Inheritance Cycle
    Author: Christopher Paolini
    In this book, the main character, Eragon, has believed that he was a farmer until he finds a mysterious stone in the mountains. His life changes when the dragon hatches out of the stone. From that moment, he is destined to defeat the evil king Galbatorix.
    The story is fantasy with lots of action.
    The reader is saddened and spurred on by the story particularly when his master and unknown dad dies.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and young teenagers to young adults.
    Overall I thought it was a good series of books that starts off quiet in the village and then nonstop action for the rest of the story. I give it a score of 9 out of 10.
    A.l 6JL

  13. Book Title: Ghost Train
    Author: Stephen Wyllie
    In this book, the main characters are Headless Hector, the Grey Lady and Silver Skeleton.
    The reader is scared by the story particularly when the ghost looks real and moves its head when you turn the book. Recommend this book to anyone who likes Horror
    Overall I thought it was a magnificent book and give it a score of 10 out of 10.
    GT and BM

  14. Dear Aaron,
    I have read your letter. If you really like this girl then make your feelings known. Get out of the friend zone. Put it all on the line, ask her out.
    From Dorothy the dinosaur

  15. Dear mrs.morris I would like to buy a book from the book fair but my mum works till 5:30 and my dad till 7:00. I would like to order the book but my mum likes to see things in her hand. Also I am not allowed to buy things on my own.
    Thanks, HJ
    (my email doesn’t work)

  16. Mohammed
    I think Mohammed is a brave and fearless person because he stood up to the people bullying him and didn’t have any facial decision’s in the episode. I also like him because he was great at cricket because he knew how to do a spin ball and it’s very hard to do one.
    The morale of the story was that when you get discriminated you can always stand up to it.
    Kind Regards

  17. Dear bloggers
    My favourite character is Sofia because I liked the part when she became jealous. It was a bit funny when she did some funny things to remove the crush.
    Thanks for reading!
    G.D 😀

  18. Dear year 4

    My favourite person in my place is Mohammed because he likes sports such as cricket his favourite thing in cricket is bowling his religion is Muslim. The episode was about how he wanted to be in the cricket team but they didn’t let him because they thought he was bad at cricket but in the end they saw how good he was and they wanted to let him in the team also he said only if his friend which was a girl could join the cricket team because it was a only boys team.

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